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Custom Frame Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What’s the difference between a two piece and one piece frame?

A: There are 2 main differences. 1) You would have two pieces to install on your tank instead of one. 2) There is a small seam near the middle of the front and back of your tank where the two pieces come together

Q: Is the install process for the two piece frame the same as a one piece frame?

A: Yes. The only difference is you have two pieces to glue on the tank instead of one

Q:Does the custom 2 piece frame provide the same support for the tank as a one piece frame?

A: Yes. The 2 piece frame will provide the same bracing support as a one piece frame once it’s installed on your tank. Remember that aquarium frames with braces are only designed to help support the glass panels from bowing to an extent where the glass could possibly break. NO frames are designed to hold your tank together. A properly built tank should only be held together by the silicone seams.

Q:What’s the difference between the style 1 and style 2 frame?

A: The dimensions of the openings will vary between the two styles. In some cases, the style 1 frame will have 2 braces while the style 2 frame will have 3 braces. Again, this will vary based on the length of the frame

Q: Do I need to bond the 2 pieces together?

A: There is no reason to bond the two pieces together. All you need to do is install the 2 pieces on the tank and you’re good to go

Q:Will my existing tops fit on this frame?

A: Each Manufacturer has their own tops and frame dimensions. Let us know your dimensions and we will let you know if your tops will fit our frame

Q: What are the dimensions of the openings in the frame?

A: This will vary based on the frame length.

Q: How are the 2 piece frames made?

A: They are cut from our existing one piece frames to get the desired length based on your tank’s length

Q: Do you sell 24” wide aquarium frames (i.e. 48 x 24, 72 x 24, 60 x 24)?

A: We do not make or carry any 24” wide frames. The only width custom frames we have are 12.5” wide and 18 wide.

Q:Can you make any custom one piece frames?

A: No. We can only make custom sizes out of our existing one piece frames

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