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Aquarium Frames Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Do you sell bowfront Frames?

A: We do not make or carry Bowfront frames.

Q: Do you sell 24” wide aquarium frames (i.e. 48 x 24, 72 x 24, 60 x 24)?

A: We do not make or carry any 24” wide frames. You would need to contact the manufacturer of your aquarium

Q: Do you sell custom size frames

A: We do make some limited custom frame sizes. Please visit our custom frame page here

Q:What are the purposes of aquarium frames?

A: There are several purposes of an aquarium frame. The frames with braces you see on larger aquariums help support the glass panels from bowing to an extent where the glass could possibly break. Aquarium frames are also used for cosmetic reasons (i.e. They hide water lines and give your tank a trimmed, finished look). They can also be used to cover any sharp edges on the glass of your aquarium and to hold your tops/hoods.

Q: Do aquarium frames hold your tank together?

A: Aquarium frames are not designed to hold your tank together. Frames with braces do help support the glass from bowing too much, but a properly built tank should only held together by the silicone seams

Q:Do you sell Oak or any other colors frames besides black?

A: We only carry black frames

Q: Are your aquarium frames standard?

A: Each Manufacturer has their own standards. The actual dimensions of the aquarium frames will vary by manufacturer

Q: Will my existing hoods and tops fit on your frame?

A: Each manufacturer has their own dimensions.  Your hoods/tops may or may not fit our frame depending on the dimensions

Q: I see you have the maximum glass dimensions listed that your frames will fit. What do those mean?

A:The maximum glass dimensions are the absolute maximum glass tank sizes that our frames will fit. If your tank’s glass dimensions are anything at all over the listed dimensions on our site, the frame will not fit as is

Q: What are the minimum dimensions that your frames will fit?

A: The minimum dimensions will vary depending on the frame size and glass thickness of your tank.

Q: What glass thickness do your frames hold?

A: This will vary by the frame size and the dimensions of your aquarium.

Q:Do you sell just the braces that you see in the larger size frames

A: The braces are molded into the rest of the frame so you would need to purchase the entire frame

Q: What materials are made to manufacture your frames?

A: All of our frames are made out of High Impact Polysteyrene

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