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How to Properly Measure your Aquarium

We manufacture all of our own aquarium frames and do not carry other tank manufacturer's frames. This makes it impossible for our frames to fit every tank out there. For this reason, it's very important that you get accurate tank measurements so that we can determine if we have a frame that will fit your tank. Below are a few tips on how to get the most accurate measurements of your tank

Tape Measures

When using a tape measure, you should always start your measurements on the "1" inch mark. Most tape measures vary and may not give you an accurate reading if you start at the beginning of the tape measure.

NOTE: Since you start at the one inch line, don't forget to subtract one inch off the measurements you see on the tape measure when determining your tank dimensions

Example: If you are reading 49" x 19" on the tape measure, your tank dimensions are actually 48" x 18"

What to Measure on your Aquarium

A common misconception is that because a manufacturer lists their tank as being 48" x 18", for example, the tank itself must measure 48" x 18".

Often times however, you will find that the listed size and the actual outside glass measurements of the tank are different. What do we mean by the outside glass measurements?

The outside glass measurements are the dimensions of the tank from outside edge to outside edge on each side of the aquarium, as indicated by the red lines in the pictures to the right

You should NEVER use the dimensions of the old frame to determine your tank measurements . Frames from other manufacturers may be thicker or thinner than our frames. As a result, the dimensions may vary on the same size frame.

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