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Iron Stands Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q:How much room do I have for a tank on the bottom shelf?

A Exact room will vary depending on the height of the stand ordered. Keep in mind on all our stands the bottom rack is typically 3 inches off the floor. You also have to accommodate 5 inches for the bend at the top of the stand.

Q: Can these stands be used with acrylic tanks?

A: Our stands are designed to be used for glass aquariums only. However, we can make added modifications to our stands for your acrylic tank. Please contact us for more details

Q: What steel is used in manufacturing your stands?

A: Our stands are built out of ⅛” Angle Iron

Q: Is there a strength difference between the fully welded and breakdown version?

A: No. There is no strength difference between the fully welded and breakdown stands

Q: What are the weight ratings for your stands?

A: We do not have specific weight ratings. However the steel used on our stands can support 300+ gallon tanks on our breakdown and fully welded versions

Q:What paint is used on your stands?

A: Flat black acrylic paint

Q:What color stands do you have?

A: We currently only carry black color iron stands

Q: What is the purpose of the bend at top of your stands?

A: The bend allows you to easily slide in a tank on the bottom rack

Q: Can I order a stand with straight legs without the bend?

A: You can order straight legs on the fully welded version. We also have a modified straight leg version of our breakdown version. Please contact us for more information. You will need to let us know prior to ordering that you would like straight legs on either version

Q:What is the lead time on a stand order?

A: All stands are built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your stand to be shipped once we receive payment

Q: What makes your stands different from other manufacturers?

A: Every one of our stands are built by hand for highest quality. They are built out of ⅛” angle iron for strength and durability. Our stands are fully welded with absolutely NO spot welding, like you see with other iron stand manufacturers

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