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Compact Aquarium Plastic Frame 

Introducing our Compact Aquarium Plastic Frame. Since this frame can be shipped in a much smaller box, enjoy huge savings on shipping costs compared to a traditional one piece frame.

When ordering an adjustable frame, you will receive two frame pieces that are approximately equal in length. Each piece will include a molded in center brace. So in addition to the extra savings on shipping, you will have extra bracing support compared to the one piece frame. The install process is the same as a one piece frame. You can view our frame installation guide here

The 2 piece compact frame design also allows for more size versatility for some tanks. Have a 48 x 18 tank that measures at or slightly over 48"? Our adjustable frame will work for you! Please visit our FAQ section for more information

The seam where the two frame pieces come together will be near the center braces in the middle of the tank. Please see pictures below for a visual example of the compact frame. 


48 x 12 Compact - $19.00 Per Frame

48 x 18 Compact- $21.00 Per Frame

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