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Extrusions Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:What are the extrusion frame caps?

A: The extrusion frame caps are pieces of plastic that resemble the look of a regular frame and also can be used to hold your glass tops

Q: When are the extrusion frame cap used?

A: they are usually used on tanks that have dimensions that won’t fit a regular frame

Q:Does the frame cap provide any bracing support?

A: NO, the frame cap does not provide any bracing support. You would need to provide your own bracing for the tank

Q:How are the frame caps installed?

A: It's very simple to install. All you have to do is miter 45 degree angles on each end of the pieces for your corners just like if you were installing molding in your home and glue it down on your tank with aquarium silicone

Q: Will this extrusion frame cap match the black frame already on my tank?

A: This extrusion may not be the exact color black and may be slightly taller or shorter than your frame. For this reason we would suggest replacing both the top and bottom of the tank if you want it to match

Q:What material is used in manufacturing our frame caps?

A: Our frame caps are made out of ABS plastic

Q:What’s the difference between the 5/16” and ½” extrusion frame cap?

A: The 5/16” frame cap will fit up to 5/16” thick glass. The ½” frame cap will fit up to ½” thick glass

Q:What does the extrusion frame cap look like installed on a tank?

A:Below is an example of the extrusion installed on one of our custom tanks

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